Thursday, 31 May 2007

Man in the Moon

Many know of Li Po, the 8th century Chinese poet who is supposed to have drowned while reaching from his boat for the reflection of the moon. However, a later Chinese poet and philosopher Cho Ha (c1150-c1200) went farther, actually claiming to live on the moon. He maintained that each day he travelled to the moon, where he wrote down his thoughts before voyaging back at dusk to dine with his three cats. Constantly irritated when he was disbelieved, Cho Ha went to the extent of having his tomb sculpted years before his death: it read 'Proud Citizen of Yunnan Province and The Moon'. Cho Ha is still remembered in China for some of his intense musings, which include:

When the wind blows, the tree moves.

To go up a hill, a man must walk upwards.

A cat who smells of fish has recently eaten fish.
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