Saturday, 30 June 2007

Down The Pony and Trap

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Pub goers in England will, from tomorrow, no longer have to stare at one another through a haze of tobacco smoke. However, one of the most hated aspects of British pub life - the ridiculous, manufactured bar name - still continues to be a menace, if not quite as bad as in the 80s and 90s. Well-loved traditional bar names such as The Black Bull, The Grapes and The Laughing Sailor have fallen out of favour, replaced by marketing myrmidons with ridiculous and supposedly eye-catching names, often composed of two disparate creatures or objects joined by an 'and' eg The Porcupine and Pogo Stick. One campaigning group recently voted for their most irritating pub names of this sort in England, which were as follows:

1 The Blancmange and Gravy (Redditch)
2 The Aardvark and Anorak (Leeds)
3 The Deckchair and Spanner (Torquay)
4 The Yeti and His Breeches (London)*
5 The Old Seadog and Dancing Kittens (Millton, Cumbria)**
6 The Blindfold and Bandages (Manchester)
7 The Grasshopper and Gherkin (London)

*was previously The Yuppie and His Braces
**I quite like that one!
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