Sunday, 22 July 2007

Pie Vs Guy

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Gentlemen out there, you may think you are looking hot today, but sadly, research shows that women prefer to ogle pastry. Recent advances in the area of brain chemistry depict very different workings in male and female brains when it comes to visual responses. Heterosexual men and women shown pictures of attractive members of the opposite sex react differently - the brains of both are stimulated, but men will keep looking (at faces in particular) long after women have become bored.

Meanwhile, another recent study suggests women are far more likely to meet the gaze of a sausage roll than a hunk. Dr Fliss James of the University of London conducted a long series of experiments, using cameras and observation to see what catches the eyes of women. She sent 'a Brad Pitt lookalike' walking up and down station platforms in central London, and also 'an average looking man' (actually the scientist's brother!), eating a sausage roll or apple turnover. James recorded that a woman was on average four times more likely to look at a man who was eating. When 'Brad' walked down the platform, eating a pastry product, he too was eyeballed by four times as many women as when not eating. The same men, holding other things to their mouths (a phone or apple) were not noticed any more than average.
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