Friday, 12 October 2007

Wish You Weren't

Travel company Openworld carried out a recent survey of 3000 customers to find out what they liked most and least about their holidays. Most of the positive comments were predictably to do with sun, sea, sights, food and drink. The negative comments were more disparate and Openworld reported the most unusual gripes from holidaymakers, which were as follows:

1 No one in Hungary could pronounce my name.
2 I got a Gloria Estefan song in my head the first morning and it never went away!
3 If I want corn beef I can get it at home, thank you very much Florida.
4 The Little Mermaid is far too little. It made our Hailey cry.
5 The beetles hatching from my nipple was the worst moment.
6 I'd say Canada is over rated. Things should improve when global warming comes in.
7 No one that lives in France speaks English proper - its outrageous.
8 Wondrous! Only the dysentery spoiled it. Oh, and the mugging and the jellyfish stings.
9 The twins were angels, but I wish we had never had Jonathan!
10 In Mexico, the weather is hot, the food is hot, but the women are like ice.
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